Having a clean home can be easy, all you have to do is pick up a phone. We are very detailed when it comes to cleaning and get everthing from the kitchen, bathroom. living room, windows, bedrooms, and basement.


Do not just stop a clean home, keep it up by scheduling a housekeeping service with us so your home can stay fresh and clean weekly.

Our customers love our service and attention to detail.

Why not request a quote now and let us clean your space.

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Move in/out

We offer move in cleaning to get a new house or apartment smell before you move in. We also offer move out cleaning to clean up after you go to avoid any additional chargers from your landlord or to help the next residents during their move in process.

City Roofing

City Roof is a roofing construction company that specializes in new construction, painting, dumpster service, gutter replacement and siding work. Our team is made up of hardworking individuals who take pride in every service that we offer. Our main goal is to provide homeowners with their dream home by treating every home as if it were our own. If you want to learn more about what we offer, check out our services!

City Painting

City Painting takes pride in every home we paint. We specialize in interior and exterior painting, commercial painting, floors, roofing, gutters, decks, carpentry, and siding. We have a team of professional workers that treats each house like it’s their home. If you are looking to upgrade your home, give City Painting a call!