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COVID-19 Measures

We will be here to help you maintain a clean and safe environment in your home during this time.
However, we have some new practices that include, but are not limited to:
Once the cleaners arrive at your home they will be in new masks and gloves. When they start cleaning they will first use Clorox wipes throughout your home addressing every light switch, handle, and doorknob. Those high traffic areas are key to helping sanitize a home. As they change out their gloves throughout the cleaning they will always wash their hands between gloves.

Please confine yourself to one room while we are in the home to help maintain social distancing protocols. If you would like us to use specific products, please leave them out for us. Additionally, we are adding more alcohol content to our cleaning solutions to help disinfect surfaces.

We are doing our best to help keep your home clean, while also keeping everyone we love and care about safe and healthy.

Regular Service

Regular Service

Regular service with The City Maid Service includes a surface cleaning of all areas of your homes. These areas include sanitation of counter tops, scrubbing of bathrooms and kitchens, vacuum/dusting, and mopping of floors. Our friendly and professional staff will also do light staging of the home for a nice fresh feeling. We base our regular cleanings off a weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly rotation and can also do as needed cleaning. Scheduling is quick and easy once clients have received their quote!

Add-On Services

Add-On Services

Deep Cleaning
Move-In Cleanings
Move-Out Cleanings
Refrigerator Cleanings
Oven Cleaning
Interior Cabinet Cleaning
Interior Window Cleaning
Window Sill Detailing
Interior Door Detailing
Citrus Scrub Tub Cleaning
Baseboard Damp Cleaning
Patio Cleaning​
Wood Blind Damp Cleaning

Commercial Service

The City Maid Service offers commercial cleaning services for companies throughout the Metro Atlanta area.

We clean conference rooms, break rooms, offices and common areas, along with sanitizing kitchens and bathrooms, dusting high and low, vacuuming and mopping floors, and taking out the trash & recycling.

We can also offer deep cleaning apartments for new tenants, as well as common areas and hallways. We offer regular and as-needed cleanings, based on your needs. We can also schedule overnight service, so your work day is never interrupted! We are happy to customize a plan to fit your company’s unique needs.

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Sometimes our lives get crowded. Let us help you make some room!

We are excited to announce a new offering from The City Maid: Personalized Services! Our team can tailor their skills to assist with all kinds of projects to make your life a little easier, giving you back time to spend on the stuff that really matters.

We can help with things like…

  • Washing and Drying Laundry
  • Organizing Closets
  • Personal Organizing
  • Dog Walking & Pet Visits
  • Grocery Shopping & Errands
  • Special Requests

*Personalized services are separate from regular cleaning services*

Personalized Services

You provide goals & we help make it happen

You provide goals & we help make it happen

Booked separately from regular cleanings

Booked separately from regular cleanings

 We work on your timeline & schedule

We work on your timeline & schedule

Personalized Service Pricing

$40 / hour

for new clients


for regular service clients

(or had a cleaning in the last 3 months)

Think Personalized Service could be right for you? Fill out the form below and let’s talk about your project!

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